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FREE SHIPPING on orders over $49
FREE SHIPPING on orders over $49
FREE SHIPPING on orders over $49

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Submit Your Idea

Submit Your Idea!
Submit Your Idea!
As a leader in early childhood and elementary education products and services, our company welcomes product ideas from our customers.

If you submit a product idea and our Product
Development Team chooses it for development,
you will receive a $500 eGift certificate for you and
a $500 eGift certificate for your school.

Your classroom benefits, your school benefits, and best of all, students nationwide benefit!

Help Us Create Teaching Materials & Resources

We want your input! Submit your idea for an educational product today, and help us create teaching materials that could benefit educators, teachers, and school staff everywhere. At Really Good Stuff®, our Product Development Team is made up of former teachers and educators who know the challenges faced day-to-day in the classroom. Like many of our customers, they have experience educating students in the classroom, which has helped them develop and curate many of the wonderful teaching resources you see on our site. They know what works because they’ve had that experience of teaching in the classroom, and in turn, it helps them pick and create teaching materials that deliver great results!

By submitting your idea, you can contribute to creating teaching resources that will carry on this tradition of educators helping educators, and you could receive a $500 eGift certificate for it, too! Join us in making the best school product ideas around. Submit today!