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spanish language arts

1-24 of 115 items
Cubos de inferencia (Spanish Inference Cubes) - 4 cubes
Bilingual Flash Cards Set
Spanish Syllable Kit - multi-item kit
Magnetic Syllable Tile Kit - Spanish - 102 tiles, 1 storage box
Centro de aprendizaje Grafica Las Silabas (Spanish Graph The Syllables)
Excellerations® Emotions Plush Dolls - Set of 8
Spanish Syllable Puzzles - 1 set
EZread™ Spanish Sound Box Kit - multi-item kit

Learning a second language is challenging for students, but with the right Spanish language arts materials, it can be engaging, exciting, and even fun. At Really Good Stuff®, we specialize in teacher-developed education resources, like our Spanish teaching materials, that help students comprehend key concepts and skills through repeated practice, games, and other educational activities. For students learning Spanish for the first time, we have resources and products designed to assist all students across early education and elementary grade levels.

Teacher-Approved Spanish Education Materials

Our Spanish language arts curriculum resources include a wide variety of resources that help children understand and master the Spanish language. Shop for materials like flashcards and writing journals to high-frequency word games and grade-appropriate learning kits. Our supplemental Spanish language arts curriculum resources, like Spanish learning success kits, are great all-in-one comprehension solutions that help students practice Spanish effectively. By design, many of our resources make great dual-language materials, catering to both dual-language and ELL students.

At Really Good Stuff, our Spanish education materials are curated and designed by our product development team, which includes former teachers with real classroom experience. When it comes to Spanish language arts or any other supplemental curriculum solutions, our teachers use their knowledge of what works and doesn’t work in the classroom to inform the development of education materials that reinforce skills while engaging and immersing children in learning. Shop Really Good Stuff today, and find Spanish teaching materials designed to help students master the language and have fun in the process of learning. Whether these Spanish language arts resources are for classroom use or as a supplement for at-home learning, you’ll find solutions that hit the mark.

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