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spanish comprehension

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Cubos de inferencia (Spanish Inference Cubes) - 4 cubes
Spanish Comprehension Study Stickies™ Set
Really Good Stuff® Spanish Comprehension Game Trios: Set of 2 - Grades: 2-3
Ready-To-Decorate® Spanish Book Reports (Reporte del libro) - 24 booklets
Spanish Breathing Star (Estrella de respiración) - Set of 6
Si les das Spanish Book Set of 3
Se Venden Gorras (Caps For Sale)

Learning a second language can be difficult for children, which is why Really Good Stuff® has collected a variety of Spanish reading comprehension resources. These activities and practice resources are designed to meet students at their level and assist them in building core comprehension skills for more advanced practice. Really Good Stuff® offers resources by grade level, so it’s easy to find the right materials for your classroom students or kids at home.

Perfect for Any Learning Environment

Whether you’re instructing a class of students, teaching in a home-school environment or reinforcing your child’s Spanish comprehension skills after dinner, you’ll find a variety of materials that are perfect for your needs. Easily build a lesson for multiple students with activities designed to promote discussion or create one-on-one activities with lesson plans and worksheets that are suited for your student or child’s level.

With graduated learning resources, you can facilitate learning at the right pace, whether your students are at a pre-K level or a fifth grade level. Easily transition from one level to the next with practice activities that are designed to reinforce each other. Teaching Spanish comprehension has never been more straightforward or sure to stick.

Designed for All Types of Children

Whether your child or student learns best through hands-on, group activities or at an individual level, Really Good Stuff® has materials that will assist them throughout their studies. Activities like the Spanish Comprehension Game Trio turn board games into a fun experience with the Spanish language. Group activities like the Spanish Inference Cubes allow for discussion between you and your students. Whether your students are learning Spanish as a part of a second language program or are bilingual and enhancing their skills, you’ll find the appropriate resources available at Really Good Stuff®.