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earth and space science

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Animal Adaptations Science Center
Excellerations® Super STEM Magnifiers – Set Of 6
Ready-To-Decorate® The Water Cycle Posters - 24 posters
Weather Science Center
Excellerations® Acrylic Under the Sea Specimens – Set of 4
Science Flip Chart  Primary - 1 flip chart
Plant Structures Science Center
Build-Your-Own Flip Books™ - Layers Of Soil - 24 flip books
Science Sorts™ - Rocks - 40 sticks, 1 box
Excellerations® Animals in Their Habitats - 6 Boards, 48 Pieces
Insect and Dinosaur X-Rays - 96 cards
Wondersoil® 100 Organic Seed Starter Wafers
Excellerations® earlySTEM™ Toddler Specimen Viewers - Set of 4
Excellerations® earlySTEM™ Toddler Specimen Viewers Set of 4
GeoSafari® Jr. Talking Space Explorer
Excellerations® earlySTEM™ Specimen Viewers - Set of 4
Environmental Impact Photo Cards - 25 cards
National Geographic Explorer Series Rock Tumbler
GeoSafari® Motorized Solar System
Seeds and Wonder Soil Classroom Gardening Kit
Build-Your-Own Flip Books™ - Weather - 24 flip books
National Geographic Earth Science Activity Kit

At Really Good Stuff®, you’ll find no shortage of unique approaches to engage your children with dazzling space and earth science classroom supplies. Our selection includes materials for preschoolers through elementary-grade students.

The Natural World is a Wonderful Place

We have earth science kits across a wide spectrum of topics and concepts. From interactive nature science classroom supplies like Excellerations® earlySTEM™ Specimen Viewers that encourage children to explore and learn about plants and bugs to observational journals and growing kits that foster an understanding about the cycle of life and biology, we offer many avenues for reinforcing important lessons about the natural world. Our selection includes kits like our Excellerations® Rock Specimens or weather-related earth science kits that inform children about the environment, geology, and the atmosphere. Much like the natural world, our assortment incorporates many different facets and elements that make earth science tangible, concrete, and understandable to children of all ages. Find science teaching supplies on volcanoes, photosynthesis, crystals, oceans, and other topics. From flip charts to puzzles, your students will wonder at the secrets of the world around them.

Look to the Stars With Space Science

For young children, brighten up your classroom decor and introduce your students to space science with an educational rug showcasing the planets of the solar system, as well as major constellations that can help children discover landmarks in the night sky.

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