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phonics-phonemic awareness

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Really Good Phonics™ Kit - Complete Set
Really Good Phonics™ Magnetic Letters Word Building Kit - Set of 6
Really Good Phonics™ Magnetic Sounds Word Building Kit - Set of 6
Really Good Phonics™ Magnetic Teacher Demonstration Sound Box Mats and Chips
Really Good Stuff® Word Ladder Journals - Set of 12
Really Good Phonics™ Sound Box Stamps Kit
Really Good Phonics™ CVC Cards and Activity Kit
Really Good Phonics™ CVCE and R-Controlled Vowels Decodable Readers Book Set
Really Good Phonics™ Decodable Readers – CVC and S-Blends Book Set
Really Good Phonics™ Word Segmenting and Blending Kit – CVC and S-Blends
Alphabet and Number BubbleBrix - 84 pcs
Really Good Phonics™ Sound Box Dry Erase Boards - Set of 6
Really Good Phonics™ Set of 18 Non-Magnetic Sound Box Mats and Chips
Mirror My Sounds Phoneme Set

Reading is the foundation of a good education. By learning this invaluable skill, children will be able to take their knowledge to new heights. To achieve success in reading, children must develop an understanding of phonemic awareness and phonics. At Really Good Stuff®, we offer a fantastic selection of phonics and phonemic awareness resources that can help children improve these critical skills through the use of manipulatives, phonics kits, games, and more.

Benefits of Phonics and Phonemic Awareness

Kids who learn to read using phonics often have improved phonemic awareness, which allows them to identify, hear, and manipulate letter symbols with the appropriate sound. Having the right tools to help with this teaching process, such as phonic manipulatives, is a way that you can ensure your child’s success as they learn to read.

When it comes to phonics resources and other ELS supplies, these give them the skills they need to recognize the syllable structure and sound out words — which help them learn new words and take their reading abilities to a whole new level.

Reading Beyond the Classroom

The classroom is a great place for kids to learn how to read, and teachers have the skillset and knowledge to help them through this process. However, reinforcing the skills they learn at school encourages your child’s reading success.

Whether you are using a phonic chip kit setup, pocket charts or even playing word games with your child, these are great ways to improve your child’s phonics skills and phonemic awareness. This helps them practice and develop their skills, so that they are successful with assignments in the classroom, as well as with whatever life throws their way.

Shop our phonics and phonemic awareness tools for games, activities, and more that can create a foundation for academic achievement. If you have any questions about our products, please contact us. Our helpful customer service team will be happy to assist you.

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