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letter recognition

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Alphabet BubbleBrix - 42 pcs
Really Good Stuff® Flashlight Search Activity  Letter Identification - 1 game
EZRead™ Black Plastic Magnetic Letters - Lowercase - 80 letters
Really Good Stuff® Learning Success: Grade 1 - Reading, Math, and SEL
EZread™ Magnetic Word Building Kit - 1 tray, 52 letters
Learning Success: Grade 3 - Reading, Math, and SEL
Learning Success: Grade 4 - Reading, Math, and SEL
Learning Success: Grade K - Reading, Math, and SEL
Learning Success: Grade 2 - Reading, Math, and SEL
Learning Success: Grade 5 - Reading, Math, and SEL
Really Good Stuff® Sight Word and Story Telling Fun Dry-Erase Practice Mat - 1 Mat
Really Good Stuff® Alphabet Arch Literacy Center™ - 1 literacy center
Really Good Stuff® Letter Reversal Gumball Game - 1 game
Lowercase Letter Dice - 5 dice
My Alphabet Journals - 12 journals
EZread Soft Touch Expanded Magnetic Letters And Storage Case
Excellerations® Alphabet Skills Workbooks - Set of 10

At Really Good Stuff®, we have an assortment of letter recognition activities and games for the classroom to help children learn their letters and build upon that foundation. Kids aren’t born with the ability to read or recognize letters. However, they have a natural curiosity and desire to learn, so teaching them letter identification is appealing. To ensure they grasp the concept and have fun during the process, having the right letter recognition and alphabet activities for preschoolers and young children is essential.

Learning to Recognize Letters

The precursor to reading is being able to recognize letters. Letter recognition early in life ensures that students have the foundational knowledge they need to recognize and form words. In addition, being able to identify letters through letter recognition games helps them with learning letter sounds, which is essential when it comes to reading.

Not only do early childhood letter recognition activities help with reading words on a page, but they can also show readers that the printed word is associated with spoken language. Having this foundational knowledge can benefit students and help them become better readers and speakers for the future.

Letter Recognition Activities for Preschoolers

The best time for students to learn letter recognition is when they are in preschool. Since this topic is a precursor to reading, having students learn the alphabet as soon as possible benefits them throughout their school career. At Really Good Stuff, we offer many preschool letter activities for young children to support learning the alphabet.

To ensure your preschool classroom is conducive to recognizing letters, you might consider hanging a letter recognition chart on the wall or bulletin board. When it comes to instilling the basics of writing with letter recognition activities, using tracing letters worksheets can help with that task. Or you might decide to use a plastic sand tray to have your students create letters. Letter games for preschoolers make the process unique and appealing.

Looking for a way to make letter identification exciting? Add some alphabet activities for preschoolers to your classroom. Your students will be learning valuable skills while having fun. At Really Good Stuff, we have a variety of preschool letter recognition games to choose from.

For kids that like to move, adding the Whack-A-Letter Game to the daily instruction will help with the visual, tactile, and auditory learning of letters. Most kids like cookies, so the ABC Cookies Game combines their love of sweet treats with learning to bring you alphabet manipulatives.

Important Letter Recognition Skills Taught in Thrilling Ways

Being able to read is the foundation of a good education, and it all starts with students being able to recognize letters. Finding the educational tools to help with this important endeavor isn’t hard, and the right options can help you teach these letter recognition skills in thrilling ways. See all of our language arts games and activities as well to build upon this knowledge.

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