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Teacher-developed curriculum kits from Really Good Stuff® offer academic support and assistance across a variety of subjects and grade levels. Reinforce classroom instruction with our curriculum support materials designed to help students master crucial skills through engaging activities and repetitious practice.

Learning Success Kits

Learning Success Kits are standards-aligned supplements that include both single-reference and reusable materials that can help students reach grade-level targets. These curriculum support kits feature engaging activities that cover ELA and grade-appropriate math skills with key social-emotional learning components. For younger children, our Learning Success Kits category also includes Excellerations® Readiness and Achievement Kits. Readiness Kits are designed to help prepare children entering preschool or kindergarten for the first time, and Achievement Kits use play and exploration to develop age-appropriate skills that help small children begin their educational journey.

Family Engagement Kits

With Family Engagement Kits from Really Good Stuff, you can ensure that the learning and development of academic skills doesn't stop once class ends. These subject-focused kits are designed to be easily understood and used by anyone, so family members can engage students at home with reading, writing, math, and other academic skills. Shop for parent-involvement curriculum support kits by grade level and subject, and find a variety of activities that reinforce important lessons and help students master their skills.

Literacy Centers

In recent years, Literacy Centers have become a popular tool for helping students develop and solidify critical reading skills. These teacher-developed kits use games, activities, challenges, and other approaches to teach curriculum standards. Concepts taught in these curriculum kits include reading comprehension, sequences and retelling, spelling, punctuation, pronunciation, and more.

Numeracy Centers

Numeracy Centers are a great tool for reinforcing key math and numerical literacy skills. Through the use of exciting games, activities, and challenges, Numeracy Centers can help children master grade-appropriate math concepts. Our Numeracy Centers are available in both English and Spanish. Find the perfect, teacher-developed curriculum support material that can help build lifelong math skills.

Spanish Language Solutions

Our assortment of Spanish Kits and Centers uses a variety of materials that can help students practice Spanish effectively. While Spanish Kits use activities, games, and other curriculum materials to reinforce classroom lessons, Spanish Centers switch the focus to collaboration and more hands-on learning. Both kits and centers are developed to cater to dual language and ELL learners.

Science & STEM

Our science and STEM selection includes an assortment of Science Centers and STEM curriculum kits that make the discovery and exploration of science fun! Science Centers use easy-to-follow instructions, games, and other materials that help students improve their understanding of a variety of science concepts. STEM kits include everything needed for students (with adult supervision) to conduct exciting science experiments. Our STEM experiments make great classroom kits that teachers can conduct with their students, as well as engaging activities that parents can recreate with their children at home.