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steve spangler science®

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Steve Spangler Science® Extreme Geyser Tube™ - 1 tube, 1 roll Mentos
Steve Spangler Science® Windbags – One Breath Bernoulli Bag
Steve Spangler Science® Palm Pipes® - 1 multi-item kit
Steve Spangler Science® Palm Pipes® - 1 multi-item kit
$10.99 $14.69
You save: $3.70 (25.0%)
Foam Alive  1 Lb. Bag - 1 lb. of foam
Foam Alive 1 Lb. Bag - 1 lb. of foam
$13.99 $19.99
You save: $6.00 (30.0%)
Steve Spangler Science® Extreme Bubble Science Kit
Pearl Swirl™ Rheoscopic Concentrate - 4 oz concentrate, 1 test tube
Steve Spangler Science® Color Fizzers™ True Color Tablets - 100-Pack
Slime Art - 1 L (33.8 fl oz)
Slime Art - 1 L (33.8 fl oz)
$9.99 $13.99
You save: $4.00 (29.0%)
Steve Spangler Science® STEM Success Kit: Amazing Scientist
Steve Spangler Science® Balloon Powered Helicopter (4 Pack)
Steve Spangler Science® STEM Success Kit: Bubblology
Steve Spangler Science® String Slime™ Deluxe Set
Steve Spangler Science® Geyser Tube™ - 10 Pack
Steve Spangler Science® STEM Success Kit: Water Science Kit
250 UV Color Changing Beads - Assorted Colors - 250 beads
Steve Spangler Science® Large Test Tubes with Caps (30 Pack)
Steve Spangler Science® Mini Mixing Trays - Set of 30 Trays
Water Gel™ - 1 lb.
Steve Spangler Science® STEM Success Kit: Mysterious Science Kit
Steve Spangler Science® Flying Film Canisters (15 Pack)
Bring cool concepts from science and STEM lessons to life with projects from Steve Spangler Science™. These kits are designed to help students better understand their science lessons through exciting, hands-on activities that can easily be completed at home. Whether they’re creating their own slime or working with dry ice, these experiments are sure to get your kids more excited about science than ever before. Shop by grade or browse through the Steve Spangler Science™ product demos to find fun distance learning activities.

Cool At-Home Science Kits

At Really Good Stuff®, we’re excited to offer such a great selection of Steve Spangler Science™ kits for students of all ages. While students certainly love these science projects, parents are just as thrilled by how easy they are to incorporate into their child’s distance education plans. That’s because every Steve Spangler Science™ at-home science experiment is made to be as simple and easy-to-use as possible. If you’re home schooling or participating in a distance learning program, these Steve Spangler Science™ kits offer a chance to take a break from screens or lectures and enjoy a hands-on activity.

Most projects require hardly any prep time and include step-by-step task cards to guide parents and kids through the activity. In addition, they’re made to involve as little mess as possible for fast and easy cleanup. These projects offer a great way to introduce students to science and STEM concepts without creating more work for parents.

Aligned with Academic Standards

Make at-home learning a little easier by choosing from these Steve Spangler Science™ projects. Each of the activities developed by this brand are aligned with Next Generation Science Standards to help keep your kid’s education on track. Simply check out the included teaching guides to find a list of the standards covered in the experiment. Instead of doing extra work to make sure your child’s academic needs are being met, you can focus more time on interacting with them and creating unforgettable educational experiences. Check out our full collection of Steve Spangler Science™ experiments for kids to find the right fit for your family.
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