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rewards and incentives

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Really Good Stuff® School Year Incentives Pack
Grade-Specific Welcome Bracelets - 24 bracelets for K, 1st, 2nd or 3rd Grade
Really Good Stuff® Sensory Fidget Tactile Tokens – Set of 8
Welcome To School Bag Kit - 32 bags
Emoji Rewards Stickers - 75 stickers
Really Good Stuff® Sensory Fidget Tactile Tokens – Set of 24
Squish Donut 3" – Set Of 12
Crayon Erasers - 12 erasers
Stress Silly Face Balls - 12 balls
So Sweet! Positive Behavior Jar - 44 magnets
DNA Lab Slow Rise Ball - 1 ball
Superhero Mini Stickers Valu-Pak - 1,144 stickers
Star Student Pizzazz Pencils - 12 pencils
EZ Stick™ V.I.P. Labels - 8 labels
EZ Stick™ V.I.P. Labels - 8 labels
$3.99 $19.29
You save: $15.30 (79.0%)
Star Student Silicone Bracelets - 24 bracelets
Really Good Stuff® Star Bright Pencils - 12 pencils
Really Good Stuff® Bubble-Gum Scented Pencils - 12 pencils
Really Good Stuff® Sensory Fidget Finger Cubes – Set of 4
Sensory Smile Face Knobby Balls - 12 balls
Really Good Stuff® Sensory Set of 16
Mini Behavior Trackers - 12 trackers
Excellerations® SEL Pop Fidgets - Set of 4
V.I.P. Banner - 1 banner
V.I.P. Banner - 1 banner
$1.20 $2.39
You save: $1.19 (50.0%)

Classroom rewards and incentives are a terrific way to inspire and encourage students. Whether you’re using student incentives as a way to celebrate academic success or reward exceptional behavior, you’ll find a variety of resources and tools at Really Good Stuff® to incentivize your classroom.

Prizes for Students

What student doesn’t love winning a prize? A classroom prize can mean something as small as one of our colorful Star Student Pizzazz Pencils or a trip to the classroom treasure chest, where children can select from an assortment of toys designed to develop fine motor skills. We offer bulk classroom prize assortments at affordable prices, so you can stock up and have classroom rewards on hand all year. We also offer smaller sets of toys, squishies, bracelets, and more that you can order for special occasions, such as end-of-year or back-to-school celebrations.

Looking for other student incentives? It’s no secret that classroom stickers go a long way. We offer a wide assortment of sticker designs that you can use for virtually anything. Along with stickers, our rewards for students include certificates that you can fill out for a job well done.

Incentive Ideas

Looking for other ways to reward or incentivize your students? We offer token boards or pocket charts, like our Classroom Behavior Tracking Kit, that can be used to show progress and encourage children to work toward a classroom reward.

At Really Good Stuff, we offer prizes and incentives for students, but what do you reward?

  • Performance on a test or big project. Top performers can claim a prize.
  • Rewards for making progress. An incentive for someone who may not be perfect but shows they are working hard reinforces the worth of that hard work.
  • Benchmarks. Is the goal reading a certain number of books, for instance? Or spelling words?
  • Caught showing character. If you see a student practicing good behavior, treat them.

Our staff members have even more ideas they’d love to share with you, so contact us today. We’ll help you find the perfect rewards and incentives that make the biggest difference in your class.

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