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musical instruments

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Multicultural Rhythm Band Set 10 Pieces
Guiro Tone Block - Set of 6
Egg Shakers - Set of 12
Excellerations® Claves - Set of 6
Tambourine Stick - Set of 6
Excellerations® Instrument Set - Set of 9
Rhythm Sticks - 10", Set of 6
Excellerations® Jingle Wraps - Set of 10
Excellerations® Jingle Wrap
Excellerations® Sand Blocks - Set of 6
Excellerations® Hand Tom Tom
Junior Rhythm Band - 7 Pieces
Wooden Egg Shakers - Set of 6
Coming Soon
Excellerations® Rhythm Sticks - 10"
Excellerations® Claves
Musical Set
Coming Soon
Musical Set
Excellerations® Hand Tom Tom - Set of 6
Discount School Supply® Tambourine
Discount School Supply® Hand Castanets
Handle Castanet - Set of 6
Triangle - Set of 6
Excellerations® Sand Blocks - Set of 2

School Musical Instruments

Your students already love music thanks to our electronics and recordings. Preschool and elementary school musical instruments are the next logical step to fuel this lifelong passion. Learning to play an instrument has many proven benefits, and it can create an atmosphere of fun and collaboration. Kids will be developing fine motor skills and training their minds and bodies to work together to improve spatial-temporal skills. When playing instruments with others, they also get to practice teamwork and communication. Order school music instruments from Really Good Stuff® to make classrooms come to life with learning.

Youth Music Instruments for Schools

Our product development team has come up with dozens of classroom instruments that young students will love. These percussion instruments are perfect for helping kids establish the basics of making sounds and keeping a beat. Stock your music classroom with bongos, egg shakers, tom-toms, tone blocks, cluster bells, tambourines, and many other instruments for future maestros. We offer individual classroom musical instruments or sets of various sizes, so you can outfit your students with as many or as few pieces as needed.

A school musical instrument set is another great choice. Not only do you get several types of instruments for kids to try out, but you can teach about music in other countries and cultures, as is the case with our African Music Instruments Kit and Multicultural Rhythm Band Set. Play along with classic songs or let kids explore their creative side with these sets. They can even start their own band!

The Right Learning Tools

For more than 25 years, Really Good Stuff has been there for teachers with tailored solutions. You’ll get the best prices and service with free shipping on qualifying orders.

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