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electronics & recorded music

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Sanitary Headsets - Foam Ear Cushions
Yoga Dreamland
World Yoga CD - for Relaxation and Naptime
Yoga CD - for Relaxation and Naptime
Sack-O-Phones, 10 Pack- BLUE
AudioStar Boom Box Radio, CD, USB, Cassette Player With Tape And CD To MP3 Converter
HamiltonBuhl 24 Personal Headphones - Blue
Portable Bluetooth® CD Player With Cassette And FM Radio Boom Box
HamiltonBuhl 24 Personal Headphones - Green
Sack-O-Phones, 10 Pack
6-Person Val-U-Pak USB, MP3, CD Listening Center - 1 listening center
HamiltonBuhl 24 Personal Headphones - Purple
Headphone Covers for On-Ear Headsets
Sing, Play and Learn Every Day CD Collection - 20 CDs
Flex Phones Set of 5
Coming Soon
Classic Children's Songs - 4 CDS
HamiltonBuhl 24 Personal Headphones - Orange
Musical Scarves and Activities CD
HamiltonBuhl AudioMVP Boombox CD/FM Media Player with Bluetooth Receiver

Music & Movement Activities

It’s hard to beat the combination of fun and learning that music brings to a classroom. Regular exposure to music, whether through classroom headphones or a portable music player, can spur the development of social-emotional intellect, language skills, motor skills, and language. This is especially true when you add activities such as singing and dancing. Our collection of music and movement activities and electronics equipment will let any educator use music to achieve their teaching goals. Really Good Stuff® has everything students need to listen to music at school — from classroom sets of headphones to engaging music CDs! From toddlers up to high schoolers, these school music supplies are an affordable way to meet the biggest challenges.

Classroom Headphones, Speakers & More

Inspire movement, creativity, and joy with the right classroom headphones and portable players for teachers. A classroom boom box can play both classic and modern audio sources. Whether you have a cassette tape or a Bluetooth media player, these sound speakers for schools will be ready. When audio activities are limited to a single student or small group, our classroom sets of headphones will provide high-quality sound that doesn’t disturb others. You can get in-ear or over-ear headphones along with disposable covers to maintain good hygiene.

Your students will need something to listen to, and we have plenty of school music collections to spark their brains. Order classic kid’s songs, fitness music sets, and sing-alongs that get kids engaged. Shop our play equipment for rhythm sticks, musical scarves, and other accessories to enhance activities.

Relaxation And Nap Time Music

Our selection of music isn’t just for active play. We offer a variety of relaxation and nap time CDs that can help settle students down through yoga, as well as create the ideal environment for resting. Since these nap time CDs teach children beginner-level yoga poses, they also help children develop motor skills, flexibility, and self-confidence. Each CD includes peaceful instrumentals and music from a variety of artists.

At Really Good Stuff, we sell affordable classroom headphones and music equipment with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you have any questions about our products, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our helpful customer service team members will be happy to answer any questions.

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