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Steve Spangler Science® Palm Pipes® - 1 multi-item kit
Steve Spangler Science® Palm Pipes® - 1 multi-item kit
$10.99 $14.69
You save: $3.70 (25.0%)
Multicultural Rhythm Band Set 10 Pieces
Song and Trivia Collection
Egg Shakers - Set of 12
Guiro Tone Block - Set of 6
Discount School Supply® Musical Scarves Movement Set - 19 Pieces
Colorations Decorate Your Own Wooden Slide Whistles - Set of 12
Tambourine Stick - Set of 6
Excellerations® Claves - Set of 6
Excellerations® Instrument Set - Set of 9
Excellerations® Sand Blocks - Set of 6
Rhythm Sticks - 10", Set of 6
Yoga Dreamland
Triangle - Set of 6
World Yoga CD - for Relaxation and Naptime
Yoga CD - for Relaxation and Naptime
Excellerations® Jingle Wraps - Set of 10
Junior Rhythm Band - 7 Pieces
Excellerations® Rhythm Sticks - 10"
Excellerations® Hand Tom Tom
Excellerations® Claves
Wooden Egg Shakers - Set of 6
Coming Soon
Excellerations® Jingle Wrap

Classroom Music Supplies

Ignite child development on all levels with school music supplies from Really Good Stuff®. Simply listening to music has a powerful effect on the brain, improving memory, overall literacy, and language while reducing stress. By engaging in sing-alongs and other music-related activities or learning how to play an instrument, kids of all ages will receive even more benefits. We help students and teachers everywhere experience the power of music with the best selection of classroom instruments at the best prices.

Educational Music Supplies

Electronics and recorded music for schools will be an effective part of teaching strategies from preschool to high school. Our modern boomboxes can play practically any media format, including cassettes, FM radio, CDs, and Bluetooth devices. If you need listening material, Really Good Stuff has learning CDs with classic children’s songs, fitness tunes, and other great music. Students can listen by themselves when they have high-quality headphones available in the classroom. A Student Listening Center lets up to six students hear audio without bothering the rest of the class.

Classroom Instruments

Kids can explore and use their creativity thanks to our selection of classroom musical instruments and accessories. Dozens of rhythm instruments for preschoolers are in stock that kids will love, including bongos, maracas, egg shakers, tambourines, bells, and castanets. Order each of the classroom instruments separately, or get a children's musical instrument set that offers plenty of ways for students to keep the beat. With our selection of children’s music instruments, learning has never been more fun!

Music can change the world one child at a time — and we’re here for you the whole way. Every purchase of our classroom instruments has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, so you can rest easy. Be sure to explore all of our Play & Learn early childhood products, when purchasing any of our preschool instruments.

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