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Excellerations® Career Costumes Set of 5
Excellerations® Multicultural Clothing - Set of 8
Environments® Puppet Theatre with Dry Erase Board
Environments® Puppet Theatre with Dry Erase Board
$524.99 $599.99
You save: $150.00 (25.0%)
Excellerations® Rubberwood Table and Stool Set
Excellerations® Fire Fighter Classic Career Costume
Excellerations® Pilot Classic Career Costume
Excellerations® Astronaut Classic Career Costume
Excellerations® Surgeon Classic Career Costume
Excellerations® Poncho - 1 outfit
Excellerations® Falda and Blusa - 1 outfit
Excellerations® Server Classic Career Costume
Excellerations® Rubberwood Desk and Seat Set
Excellerations® My First Dress Up Ladies and Gents - 18 Pieces
Excellerations® Vest and Hat - 1 outfit
Excellerations® Our Soft Career Friends - Sets 1 and 2
Supermarket Set
Power Tool Set
Drop Ship
Pretend and Play™ Cash Register
Excellerations® Costumes Set 2 - Set of 6
Excellerations® Brawny Tough Costumes - Set of All 12
Excellerations® Career Costumes Set of 11
Excellerations® Parka - 1 garment
Excellerations® Ladies’ and Gentlemen’s Dress-Up Set 24 Pieces

Role-Playing for Students

When kids are trying to make sense of the world, classroom role-playing is a great place to start. By acting out real-life scenarios or letting students’ imaginations run wild, you’re helping them develop useful cognitive, social, and behavioral skills in a fun environment. Role-playing for students is more than just about play, it allows them to explore and experiment while staying engaged.

Really Good Stuff® has dozens of student role-playing games, activities, dramatic play costumes, and accessories at the best prices. Use these classroom role-play materials to enhance current teaching strategies or provide new ways to foster development, growth, and understanding in students. We’re always seeking feedback from current teachers, which lets us develop and source new role-play games for kids based on current needs.

Role-Play Scenarios for Students

Our classroom role-play collection includes a large assortment of dramatic play dress-up clothes and costumes. The Brawny Tough Career Costumes Set of 6 lets kids take on roles such as astronaut, doctor, police officer, or postal worker. Our Excellerations® Toddler Traditional Multicultural Clothing fosters an environment of cultural understanding through diverse, traditional outfits from around the world. We also have character costumes and general dramatic dress-up sets to let kids create their own persona. Add a tilt mirror so students can see how great they look.

A true classroom role-playing scenario for students also requires the right kits and accessories. Order our Environments® My First Soft Career Set, cash registers, mini power tools, and other items that can be incorporated into your acting scenario. If a student wants to pretend play but doesn’t like dressing up, we have classroom dollhouses, figurines, and other smaller role-playing toys. For easy storage, we also have a line of dramatic dress-up mobile storage units that can come either with or without a mirror.

Teachers have trusted Really Good Stuff for more than 25 years because we understand the challenges you face and are here to help you meet them. Shop our classroom role-play selection today, and find creative, educational solutions that can help your students learn and grow.

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