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play sets

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Let's Explore Camp Cooler Play Set
Let's Explore Campfire S'mores Play Set
Terrarium Observations Play Set
Pretend and Play™ Cash Register
Let's Explore Fishing Play Set
Camp Play Set - Set Of 3
Let's Explore Hiking Play Set
Let's Explore Outdoor Cooking Play Set

Student Play Set Collection

Dramatic play has many benefits for young students, and a pretend play set provides the tools for them to create make-believe scenarios in a safe environment. Really Good Stuff® has developed and sourced the best quality educational sets for teachers and students. By allowing kids to act out new roles, they can explore important skills and themes such as self-empowerment, social interaction, conflict resolution, and symbolism. Using a pretend play set also helps with relieving emotional stress and anxiety.

Play Sets for Young Kids

Many pretend play sets are available for recess time or to use as part of full-class activities. A play kitchen set is a great classroom addition — and one that kids can identify with since nearly all of them have a real kitchen at home. However, this is just one of the many options for your students. We offer dramatic play cash registers, camping play sets, terrariums, and more. Help students explore nature without leaving the classroom with our camping set toys. You’ll find a variety of camping play kits along with hiking, outdoor cooking, and fishing play sets. With these educational sets, your students can circle around their own campfire, sing songs, and pretend to roast marshmallows without worry of rain, bugs, or other inclement weather. In many cases, a pretend play set introduces students to new possibilities, which can turn them on to new interests, lifelong hobbies, or even educational pursuits.

Really Good Stuff has the best prices on pretend play sets from leading companies such as Melissa & Doug, Learning Resources, and Discount School Supply. Our team will make sure you get the right products. Call or email us Monday-Friday to chat with us about your needs. Open up a whole new door of dramatic play with our pretend play sets today!

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