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play food & dishes

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Green Bean Coffee Set
Discount School Supply® Life-Sized Fruit Set - 20 Pieces
Mud Cake Play Set, 52 Pieces
Discount School Supply® Life-Sized Fruit and Veggies - 38 Pieces
Excellerations® Life-Sized Vegetable Set - 18 Pieces
Excellerations® Multicultural Food Play - Set of 5
Discount School Supply® Grocery Set - 23 Pieces
Excellerations® Realistic Tin Can Play Food - Set of 20

Play Kitchen Food and Dishes

Play food and dishes from Really Good Stuff® make the exploration of food, make-believe cooking, and creativity exciting and educational for children. Kids can use these dramatic play dishes and pretend food sets with our play kitchens or create their own game of make-believe to explore new ideas. Preschool and elementary school teachers also incorporate play food sets into classroom activities to help young students develop cognitive, sensory, and social skills.

Our selection of play food and dishes includes products from leading brands. Shop for pretend food sets like Excellerations® Realistic Tin Can Play Food or Discount School Supply® Life-Sized Fruit and Veggies for a wide range of colorful, engaging foods. Pair these with pretend dishes and silverware, and watch your kids light up as they explore a whole new world of culinary experiences.

Play Cooking Supplies

A themed play food set has everything kids need to start learning and exploring. The Classroom Starter Kit is an excellent way to stock up on essential pretend play food. It includes 61 pieces of play food, as well as storage bin to help keep everything organized. With its wide assortment of pretend foods, this set can be used to teach healthy eating habits.

Really Good Stuff understands the challenges teachers face every day — many of our staff are former teachers themselves. We’re here to help you meet those challenges with the best quality, prices, and service. Shop our new and improved website knowing you can rest easy with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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