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dramatic play

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Excellerations® Multicultural Clothing - Set of 8
Environments® Puppet Theatre with Dry Erase Board
Environments® Puppet Theatre with Dry Erase Board
$524.99 $599.99
You save: $150.00 (25.0%)
Excellerations® Girl and Boy Puppet Pairs - Set of All 8
Excellerations® Rubberwood Table and Stool Set
Excellerations® Career Costumes Set of 5
Let’s Eat! 83-Piece Deluxe Food Set
Excellerations® Tabletop Puppet Theater
Excellerations® Our Soft Career Friends - Sets 1 and 2
Let's Explore Camp Cooler Play Set
Excellerations® 12"-17" Adjustable Doll Clothing
16" Multicultural Toddler Doll - Caucasian Boy - 1 doll
16" Multicultural Toddler Doll - Hispanic Girl - 1 doll
Excellerations® Onesies and Diapers for 12" - 14" Dolls
Excellerations® Onesies and Diapers for 14" - 16" Dolls
Excellerations 10"-12" Multi-Size Doll Sleepwear
16" Multicultural Toddler Doll - Caucasian Girl - 1 doll
Excellerations® African American Boy Cuddle Buddy - 1 buddy
Excellerations® African American Girl Cuddle Buddy - 1 buddy
Green Bean Coffee Set
Excellerations® 17"-20" Adjustable Doll Clothing
Excellerations® Fire Fighter Classic Career Costume
Excellerations® Pilot Classic Career Costume
Excellerations® Astronaut Classic Career Costume
Eco-Friendly Mega Dish Set - 79 Pieces

Dramatic Play Toys for Students

Letting children explore internally and externally is important for their long-term development. Dramatic play — also called pretend play or make-believe — is a fun, safe way to help students discover themselves. By allowing them to act out other roles with dramatic play toys in a loosely structured environment, kids learn new ways to share thoughts and express themselves. Plus, when children engage with dramatic play toys together, this type of pretend play can improve socialization skills as well as create a warm, playful atmosphere.

Our dramatic play ideas can be enjoyed by preschoolers up to elementary school. Really Good Stuff® has a development team staffed by former teachers who understand the challenges both current teachers and their students face. We use this knowledge to create dramatic play toys, accessories, and supplies for classrooms that help you change the world one child at a time.

Affordable Pretend Play Toys

Create a dramatic play center using our huge assortment of pretend play toys and accessories. Miniature kitchens are popular among young students, and we also have play food and dishes to stock them up. These types of pretend play sets are fantastic in that they allow children to explore a variety of roles. From adults cooking at home to playing restaurant staff or grocery store clerks, young students can switch up their dramatic play using the same equipment and pretend play sets.

Other dramatic play sets include cash registers, portable tool boxes, fishing sets, and doll houses. Many of these sets, along with our collection of costumes, can be used for role-playing games which let young minds think creatively while practicing real-world skills.

Really Good Stuff also has many doll sets and accessories for make-believe. There are traditional dolls and figurines plus a variety of animals. These pretend play toys are a great way to teach students about creatures of the forest, ocean, jungle, or prehistoric age. Shop by category, grade, brand, or age group to find what you need — we have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on each purchase.

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