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social awareness

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Really Good Stuff® Social Skills Kit – Grades K-2
Really Good Stuff® Social Skills Board Games - 6 board games
Really Good Stuff® Social Skills Kit - Upper Grades 6-8
Self-Care Reflection Cards
Excellerations® Emotions Book and Dolls Full Set - 8 books 8 dolls
Excellerations® English and Spanish Life Skills Book Set - 56 books
Really Good Stuff® Kindness Counts Pencils - 12 pencils
Really Good Stuff® Emotions and Feelings Coloring Book-12 Pack
Excellerations® Healthy Spanish Book Set and Yoga Mats - 4 books 5 mats
Excellerations® Emotions Plush Dolls - Set of 8
Excellerations® Emotions Book Full Set - 8 books
Well-Being Log - Set of 12
Learn to Get Along Bilingual Book Set of 8
Bullies, Victims and Bystanders Game - 1 board game
I Am In Control of Myself Book Set - 6 Titles
Really Good Stuff® Social Skills Kit – Grades 3-5
Excellerations® Emotions Book and Doll Kit 1 - 4 books 4 dolls
I Get Along With Others Book Set - 6 Titles

One of the five pillars of social-emotional learning (SEL), social awareness helps children understand and empathize with those around them. In a classroom setting, social awareness can mean learning about people from diverse backgrounds and cultures and displaying both understanding and empathy for them. At Really Good Stuff®, we offer an assortment of SEL social awareness resources and materials that help children develop this understanding through games, books, and activities.

Social Awareness in the Classroom

Shop our social awareness activities for elementary students, and find a range of books, games, and more that help children learn about their peers and the people around them. Our line of Excellerations® Let’s Talk Feelings and Emotions books features real-world photography of people from different cultures, skin tones, and backgrounds while exploring the many different feelings people experience. Other books include topics about relationship-building and healthy living, paired with social awareness activities for students. These activities can be done in groups, and they open up a dialogue between students and their teachers that can help them learn about and explore ways that they can express empathy with one another.

Our SEL social awareness resources can be ordered in classroom-sized sets or individually. Shop for stand-alone SEL books or paired with games, activities, dolls, or other methods that help students better understand social awareness.

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