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Sensory Fidget Assortment
Loopeez Silent Fidget Toy - 1 fidget toy
Really Good Stuff® Sensory Fidget Tactile Tokens – Set of 24
Bouncy Bands For Chairs, 5-Pack
Really Good Stuff® Calm Down Tools - 6 tools and storage bin
Squish Donut 3" – Set Of 12
Really Good Stuff® Sensory Fidget Tactile Tokens – Set of 8
Sensory Smile Face Knobby Balls - 12 balls
Really Good Stuff® Tactile Sensory Discs - Set of 6
DNA Lab Slow Rise Ball - 1 ball
Sensory Worry Stones
Stress Silly Face Balls - 12 balls
Really Good Stuff® Sensory Fidget Finger Cubes – Set of 4
Excellerations® SEL Pop Fidgets - Set of 4
Bouncy Band For Chairs - 1 bouncy band
Fidget Set: 5 tools and storage bin
Gel Bead Sensory Shapes – Set Of 6
Tangle BrainTools Imagine
Tangle Jr. - Classic - 1 tangle
Crayola® Silly Putty Classroom Pack
Colorful Intertwined Balls - 12 Pack
Kindness Hearts - Set of 16
Really Good Stuff® Sensory Set of 16
Spiral Fidget Toys - 144 Pieces

At Really Good Stuff®, our classroom fidget toys, tools, and kits are designed to reduce stress, increase focus, and foster positive learning environments. We offer a variety of individual sensory fidget toys and tools, as well as classroom sets and attachable products, like our Really Good Stuff® Sensory Strips, that can help students concentrate on classroom instruction and lessons.

A Variety of Classroom Fidget Tools

Our wide range of classroom fidget tools includes fidget spinners, stress balls, sensory rings, and more. These tools come in various shapes, sizes, and textures to cater to each student's unique sensory needs, ensuring a more inclusive and supportive classroom experience.

Discover our Sensory Fidget Assortment, featuring 228 pieces of various sensory fidget toys and tools designed to cater to every child's unique needs. At Really Good Stuff, we offer fidgets in all different sizes and shapes, including balls, stars, finger fidgets, spinners, and light-up fidgets. This diverse selection ensures that every student can find the perfect fidget to help improve focus and relieve stress.

Ideal for Classroom Learning

Classroom fidgets are an excellent resource for in-person learning environments. By providing students with a discreet, non-distracting way to self-regulate, fidget tools can help improve focus and overall academic performance.

Whatever your need, Really Good Stuff has you covered. Our classroom fidget supplies are carefully selected for utility and educational value, so you can get the best-quality sensory fidget toys and tools at the best prices.

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