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emotions & feelings

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Really Good Stuff® Social Skills Board Games - 6 board games
Reset Spot Mini Poster Set
Reset Spot Kit
Social-Emotional Learning Essentials Pack
Really Good Stuff® Social-Emotional Learning Classroom Pack
Excellerations® Emotions Plush Dolls - Set of 8
Sensory Worry Stones
Well-Being Log - Set of 12
Reset Spot Rug
Feelings Flip Book – Set of 2
Really Good Stuff® Mindfulness For Adults
Culture and Diversity
'Paws' And Reflect! Slip - 500 slips
'Paws' And Reflect! Slip - 500 slips
$8.99 $9.99
You save: $1.00 (10.0%)
Crayola® Globbles - 6 Count
Really Good Stuff® Yoga Chips - 24 chips
Empathy Discussion Card Set
Emoji Feelings Cards And Cubes - Set of 12
Feel Rooted: Being Connected
Really Good Stuff® Ready-to-Decorate Friendship Fairy 3-D Mushroom - 24 3D mushrooms

Social-Emotional Learning Activities, Games & Products

At Really Good Stuff®, we understand the importance of instilling habits and skills that students will rely on throughout their lives. Our social-emotional learning activities, games, and products help teachers explore important topics like emotions and feelings in the classroom. Shop our social-emotional learning products, and discover a unique variety of materials aimed at encouraging children to identify and understand their feelings, emotions, and selves.

From SEL board games to grade-appropriate social-emotional learning kits, our selection includes products that approach topics of emotions and feelings from diverse angles and varying levels of engagement. From recognizing emotions in themselves and their peers to developing key socialization skills, we’re committed to offering age-appropriate educational materials that will help teachers foster positive learning environments and set their students up for success in life.

Explore Our Social-Emotional Learning Products

However you may want to incorporate lessons on emotions and feelings in the classroom, our solutions offer opportunities that range from calming arts and crafts to discussion cards. Many of our products are available in both English and Spanish. We also offer even more ideas for growth with our social-emotional learning category.

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